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The Lost Battalion of WWI
           in the Argonne Forest October 2nd thru 7th, 1918

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December 10, 2001

The Crossing Timeline
          Rumors were rampant that they were going to ship out. March 15th seemed like it, and some started shipping out on March 27th, 1918. Then in the beggining of April orders to be ready in 36 hours were issued, and soon after they boarded trains to Long Island City, took ferries around the Battery and boarded boats at the North River Piers. Family, friends and onlookers cheered them during this part of the journey, and searched for a last glimpse of each other, perhaps forever.
          The boats came together at Halifax, and then the convoy started out for Europe. The fear of submarines never materialized during the 10 day trip. The first land they saw was Ireland, and then they pulled into Liverpool. Surprisingly, the next day they crossed England by train and took small boats to Calais, France.
          After seven long months for some of them they had finally arrived.            
03/27/18                    First troops leave Camp Upton          
04/06/18                    308th boards trains at dawn to Long Island City, takes ferries to North River Piers, departs for Europe                     
04/08/18                    308th arrives in Halifax Harbor, Canada
04/09/18                    308th departs Halifax Harbor in convoy for Europe at sunset
04/17/18                    British ships take over escorting convoy with 308th
04/19/18                    308th's convoy spots Ireland, anchors in Liverpool Harbor
04/20/18                    308th disembarks in Liverpool , boards train or Dover, England
04/21/18                    Half of 308th regiment crosses to Calais
04/21/18                    304th, 306th and 152 Headquarters leaves Camp Upton          
04/22/18                    Other half of 308th regiment crosses to Calais
04/23/18 (Approx)  305th and 302nd leaves Camp Upton          
04/24/18                    304th, 306th and 152 Headquarters depart NY Harbor          
05/02/18                    304th, 306th and 152 Headquarters arrives in Brest, France                    
05/04/18                    305th and 302nd arrives in Brest, France                    
05/06/18                    305th and 302nd disembarks
Maps of 77th's route from New York to Calais, France
Ferries from Long Island City
North River Piers
Boats from there, past
Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
and on to Halifax
Trains from Camp Upton to
Long Island City
Boats from Manhattan to Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada
past Ireland to Liverpool, England

Trains from Liverpool to Dover
small boats to Calais, France
This will have been the first time my grandfather saw the land his parents emigrated from!!
SS Cretic, one of the three boats that brought the 308th Infantry to Liverpool