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The Lost Battalion of WWI
           in the Argonne Forest October 2nd thru 7th, 1918

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March 10, 2002

307th Memorial, Central Park
          The 307th Memorial is so small and unkempt you could walk right past it. I did, and I was looking for it! It does not have a Parks Department sign like most memorials in the park. It is located east, or in back of, the "Bandshell". It's easiest access is from the Central Park entrance at 5th Avenue and 69th street, keep walking straight ahead (west). If you get to the Bandshell you have gone too far (map at bottom of page).
          It has one large bronze plaque mounted on a granite boulder, engraving on the other side of the boulder, one nice polished stone monument (not to the 307th), and a bunch of small bronze plaques dedicated to each company of the 307th. These small plaques are mounted on small concrete posts originally placed in front of newly planted trees. Some trees are now missing, some of the concrete posts are twisted in the ground, some of the bronze plaques are missing, others are damaged, and a few are newer than the rest. 
Granite Rock engraved with:

To the Dead
of the
307th Infantry A.E.F.
500 (?) Officers
and Men
Knights of Pythias
to members
lost in WWI
307th Company A (New).
307th Company B
307th Company C
307th Company D
307th Company F
307th Company G
307th Company I
307th Company K
307th Company L
307th Headquarters &  Supply Company &
Sanitary Detachment
307th Company M
307th Company E
307th Company H
307th Machine Gun Company
Old & New
Honor Roll
of the
307th Infantry
77th Division AEF
Plaque mounted on
Large Granite
Map of 307th Memorial
in Central Park,